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18 pin unspecified cell phone proprietary connector

This is an unspecified connector. We don't know exact shape of this connector. Only numbering is known. Please note, that not all pinouts of devices listed below share the same physical connector!

18 pin unspecified cell phone proprietary connector is compatible with:

    Aiko devices:

    AK-Mobile devices:

    Alcatel devices:

    Archos devices:

    CECT devices:

    Fly devices:

    Huawei devices:

    iRiver devices:

    Maxon devices:

    Mitsubishi devices:

    NEC devices:

    Nokia devices:

    Sagem devices:

    Sanyo devices:

    Siemens devices:

    Sky devices:

    TCL devices:

    Thomson devices:

    Virgin Mobile devices:

    Vk Mobile devices:

    ZTE devices:

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