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    3Com devices:

    Ablerex devices:

    Acer devices:

    Acura devices:

    Adva devices:

    Alps devices:

    Amiga devices:

    Amoi devices:

    Anydata devices:

    APC devices:

    Apple devices:

    Astec/Emerson devices:

    Asus devices:

    Aten devices:

    Belkin devices:

    Best Power devices:

    Bird devices:

    Blackberry devices:

    Canon devices:

    Canyon devices:

    Casio devices:

    Changhong devices:

    Cisco devices:

    Citizen devices:

    commodore devices:

    Compaq devices:

    Contax devices:

    Coolpad devices:

    Creative devices:

    Dell devices:

    Ericsson devices:

    Fiskars devices:

    Fly devices:

    Fuji devices:

    Garmin devices:

    Haier devices:

    Handspring devices:

    Hedy devices:

    Heidenhain devices:

    HITACHI devices:

    HP devices:

    HTC devices:

    Huawei devices:

    Intel devices:

    iRiver devices:

    Konica Minolta devices:

    Konka devices:

    Leica devices:

    Lenovo devices:

    LG devices:

    Liebert devices:

    Lowrance devices:

    Magellan devices:

    Mamiya Leaf devices:

    Maxon devices:

    Megatech devices:

    Mercedes-Benz devices:

    MGE devices:

    Mitsubishi devices:

    Motorola devices:

    MPIO devices:

    Navilock devices:

    NEC devices:

    Netscreen devices:

    Neuhaus devices:

    Nexx devices:

    Nikon devices:

    Nintendo devices:

    Nokia devices:

    NTT DoCoMo devices:

    O2 devices:

    Olimex devices:

    Osprey devices:

    Panasonic devices:

    Pentax devices:

    Philips devices:

    Pioneer devices:

    PowerCom devices:

    Puledda devices:

    QTEK devices:

    Qualcomm devices:

    Qumo devices:

    Rover devices:

    Samsung devices:

    SanDisk devices:

    Sega devices:

    Sendon devices:

    Sharp devices:

    Siemens devices:

    Sigma devices:

    Sony devices:

    Sony Ericsson devices:

    Subaru devices:

    Sun devices:

    T-Mobile devices:

    THL devices:

    Tianyu devices:

    Trimble devices:

    Tripp Lite devices:

    Tripp-lite devices:

    Uniden devices:

    Voxtel devices:

    Xiaomi devices:

    Yunto devices:

    ZTE devices:

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